Variables inside terms and footer?


Is there a way to add variables inside PO terms/footers (invoices, quotes as well)

like for example:

Thank you


You can use:


Somehow doesn’t work for the current Purchase Order footer.

I’m testing it by putting it into PO footer manually, since settings/Company Details/Defaults will be activated in next release says David. Maybe that’s the problem.

Does it work in the terms section?

Yes, it works in Terms.


@david can you please add support for variables in the purchase order footer

@kdiamond @hillel

We limit the variable replacement only to the terms section. Replacing variables is very expensive as we need to do a double pass on the document already.

To work around this, you can insert the variables directly into the design itself, this is the current workaround if you need variables injected into the footer.

Thank you @david

Yes, this workaround you mentioned can work.


Just thinking about it.

GUI EDIT DESIGN offers only modifying a design for invoice/quote. Not for Purchase orders. Where to edit the design of the Purchase order so it does not get overwritten by the next update?


You can create a custom purchase order design in the UI, you would just need to change the client references to vendors. We’ll try to improve this in the future.