Variable Price for Invoice

Two more stupid questions @hillel

  1. We are charging customers based on their usage of compute resources so the cost is going to vary each month but it seems to not be a project or a task since there’s no specific time on our part -what is the best approach to preferably keeping the same product name etc. but dynamically adjusting the price when creating the invoice?

  2. Separately is there a way to completely remove the quantity field? As that isn’t particularly applicable for us.


You can disable to product automatically updating in Settings > Product settings, this will keep your product configuration static.

You can also remove columns from the PDF in Settings > Invoice Design > Product Columns to hide any columns you don’t need.

Thanks - very helpful!

One final: I’ve tried to locate where to put the wire instructions so it appears on every invoice automatically but haven’t been able to find it?



Settings > Company Details > Defaults

These will get injected automatically into all documents.