Variable pageNumber and pageCount

Hey there,
At the moment there’s no support for this.

@david should this land into backlog?

Is that a bug or an unimplemented feature?
how do you dealing with multipage documents?

Hey there, we’ve added this in the backlog so you can expect support for this soon. Thanks for submitting!

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When can we expect the solution?

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Sorry, we aren’t able to provide ETAs for future features.

Can understand, but please keep in mind that it works in v4 and for multi-page invoices it is important that the page number is printed.

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This is an urgently needed feature here too. Even more, because it has been working before and (like many other things) it is not working in v5. Which makes me regret switching from v4 even more… Please fix this asap, it has been half a year since it was first pointed out here.


We just upgraded the hosted version from v4 to v5 but due to lack of this pageNumber and pageCount feature in v5 we can’t go forward and have to stick with v4.
Can this feature please be added to v5 as well?