V5 Workflow Auto Email & Client Portal Password Questions

I’ve recently migrated from v4 self hosting to v5 hosted and have a couple of questions regarding functionality.

  1. How does Auto Email in the workflow settings work? If this feature is turned on and I create a recurring invoice today with a start date of 3/1/2023 and save the invoice when will it be sent? Today when I created it or on 3/1/2023 which is the invoice’s start date?

  2. How does password protect invoices in the client portal authorization section work? I did not use any password feature in v4. I turned on this feature in v5 and created several invoices a couple of days ago which were scheduled and sent out today (2/1). However, I received an email from a past client who stated “I do not remember my pass word, AND it will not send the e-mail to me as it says it will. How do I access my invoice? I will sure pay it, but it won’t let me in.” I was able to go into their account, set a temporary password, and then email them stating that they needed to change it when they logged in. Did I miss something? Why didn’t the reset work? Do I need to setup an initial temporary password for all clients with email addresses and send that to them?



  1. Recurring invoices are emails on the start date

  2. Your clients should be able to set a password the first time they log into the app, @david is that correct?

If it helps (and it may also relate to the other question I posted about the invoice client portal url issue), when I pull up any client that transferred over from v4 there appears to be data within the password field… it isn’t empty but rather shows asterisks.

If a client does not have a password set, then they’ll be presented a password screen where they enter their preferred password the first time they view an invoice, after that, they’ll be shown the client login screen.

If data has been migrated over from v4, then most likely the password field has been set and the client may need to do a password reset.

One work around could be the clear the password field on the client_contacts table in v5, this would allow all clients to set their password the next time they attempt to view an invoice.

Hi David, thanks for the response. I don’t think there were many clients using the v4 client portal. I think clearing out the password field would be the route to go to play it safe. I’m concerned about the password reset route since I already had one person this morning tell me it didn’t work for him and I had to go into his record and setup a temp password for him and send it to him. I think it may also be connected with the v4 to v5 URL topic I also created today. I’m wondering if the field the provides the URL that is used in the “View Invoice” button may also need to be reset in all records to show the correct subdomain url. Thanks, Kirby


If you have changed subdomains after the emails have been sent then there may be issues resolving the invites. The system does attempt to heal in these situations.

If you send us an email contact@invoiceninja.com we can check the password resets on your account to confirm the flow is operating as expected.

Ok, thanks. I’ll send you an email shortly.