V5 vs. V4: Steps to Create Quote

Trying V5 for the first time and I’m surprised by the effort it takes to create a quote. Here’s the steps in each version:


  • Click “+” to create a quote
  • Enter Details on the Details tab
  • Click the Items tab
  • Click “+” to add an Item
  • Pick an item in the list (most of my items are custom & not in the list), or:
  • Click “+” to create an Item
  • Enter Item details & click Done to add to quote
  • Repeat to add additional items
  • Save quote


  • Click “New Quote” button
  • Enter Details in quote header
  • Enter Items in body (existing or custom items, doesn’t matter)
  • Save quote

In V5 I have to move all over the screen, clicking through tabs and create “+” buttons. In V4 it was all in one screen and I could tab through the entire form. Am I missing something - is there an easier way to create quotes that I’m not seeing?


It sounds like you may be using the mobile editor. If you’re on a desktop you should see an arrow near the total at the bottom to change between the layouts.

How do I know if i’m using the mobile editor? I’m at this site:


According to my Device Settings, I’m using the Desktop layout:


That setting is for the app as a whole, there is a toggle near the totals at the bottom of the invoice editor.