V5 Rant - Not Good

During todays outage I found out v5 was available, I have the v4 login page bookmarked so I never go to the main InvoiceNinja homepage, plus I’ve never received an email from them about anything, which is strange by itself.

Anyway, once v4 was back online, I decided to migrate over to v5, which was painless. I started looking and playing around and wow, it’s terrible. Within about 10 minutes, I took it offline and reverted back to v4. If they force it on us, I’ll find another invoicing program.

As for constructive feedback:
-Why would the look of the invoice PDF change? Formatting is all screwed up instead of transferring over, because of the terrible invoice creator on v4 it took forever to format the template to how I liked it, I’m not playing that game again. The v5 one is extremely laggy to even try to work with.
-To change the positioning on an invoice, you can no longer drag and drop and item, you have to click on the line-items button and choose up or down, over and over until it’s in the place you want.
-Settings - some options save automatically when changed, others, you have to click a save button for. No consistency.
-The UI itself is awful, so much wasted space and overlap of windows within windows. Zoom out and show more. It’s very non-intuitive. The look of v4 may be old, but it was highly functional, quick and intuitive. I don’t want preview panes to keep popping up, I want to go into what I clicked on, an option to permanently turn them off would be great.
-Still no sub-totals. When I first started using InvoiceNinja I asked in the forums if I could group items together and create a subtotal line for them, which even with a full rewrite, they can’t even implement.

I’m sure I would have more to critique, but that’s as far as I made it.


Sorry for the outage and thanks for the feedback!

  • The v4/v5 PDF designs should be identical, if you see any differences please email us v4/v5 versions of the PDF and we’ll work to correct any differences.
  • Drag and drop support for the line items is planned for a future release, you can track the issue here: https://github.com/invoiceninja/admin-portal/issues/335
  • As with v4 (almost) all data which is sent to the server requires clicking save, the only exception are device settings which are stored locally so don’t require it.
  • The UI/UX of v5 is extremely important to us and will continue to be worked on. In the next version (https://demo.invoiceninja.com) we’ve made the preview hidden by default and are open to adding an option to hide it.
  • In this full rewrite we purposefully tried to avoid adding new features to prevent too much feature creep. A great benefit of v5 is that one codebase is shared across all platforms (web/desktop/mobile), this will make it much easier for us to add features in the future.