V5 migration API keys?

I’m on hosted and migrated from 4 to v5.

I used api keys for Integromat and Zapier but those don’t seem to be migrated. I could add new api keys but then a new api key is generated. I’m also wondering about the keys for the online payments gateway now. Is it really migrated…

So my questions are:

  1. Are the old api keys not migrated from v4 to v5?
  2. Is there a way to modify the api keys so that I can replace it by the ‘old’ values?
  3. Are online payments gateway keys migrated from v4 to v5?


  1. You need to create new API keys in v5
  2. Sorry, they aren’t compatible
  3. Which payment gateway are you using?

Note: To use the v5 version of Zapier you need to click the button labeled “Accept invite & build a Zap” on this page:


Then search for our app by the full name “invoice ninja”. You should see a number of options to choose from, you want to select the latest v5 version.

  1. I’m using Mollie. Are the existing keys migrated to V5?

@david can you please advise?


Yes the keys are migrated. If you want us to confirm send us an email to contact@invoiceninja.com and we can take a look at your account.

Please note, with Mollie, we only have the Credit Card working. Our current sprint includes 3 types of Mollie ACH payments Bank Transfer, Bancontact and KBC

Thanks. Good to now. I can confirm that iDeal payments of Mollie works.

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Just an remark about search in Zapier. When searching you should leave out the space between “invoice ninja”. If you search for "invoiceinja"you get the v5 version of Zapier InvoiceNinja module in the results list.

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When do you expect to have Mollie iDeal payments working?


I’d suggest making a feature request on github, the more thumbs up we get, the more likely we are to implement :slight_smile:

I made a feature request on Github, please give some thumbs up there:

By the way. I’m not sure if I find this the correct way. I’m on the hosted. In a SAAS one would expect that functionality like this wouldn’t get ommited after an update. This shouldn’t be a feature request but a bug fix as online payments is one of the core functionalities in online invoicing.

@hillel what are your thoughts on this?

In v4 by supporting Mollie we automatically supported all of their gateways because it was considered an ‘offsite’ gateway. @david @ben is this different with v5?

In version 5, we support Mollie’s credit card widget to keep implementation on-site.

Thanks! If it isn’t too hard we should consider adding an option to select offsite vs onsite. In general, offsite gateways are much simpler to implement and can provide added functionality.

cc @david

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Any update on this? iDeal payments via Mollie is really important to me and probably for all your customers in the Netherlands.

Hope you can help.