V5 :: Invoice Design: How to make line items tight for multiline entries?

Having some trouble customizing the line items in an invoice to be both tight and multiline in their presentation:

Any thoughts on what CSS should be added to make this work properly? This is a bit difficult to do since all of the samples appear to not have multiple lines, so it’s a bit tricky to experiment with this one.

I suppose one thing that could help would be to populate the sample system with longer item/product descriptions so we can play with this dynamically during the design process.

Another option would be to allow us to use our own sample data in the design process…

Any thoughts / help would be appreciated!


@ben do you have any thoughts?

You can enable HTML output for the invoice.

  1. In the .env add LOG_PDF_HTML=true
  2. php artisan optimize

Now when you generate your invoice, you should have HTML output in the storage/logs/laravel.log file.

You can take that markup, paste it in your favorite editor, and change line items’ content.

Interesting, is there a way to use this or even do this on the hosted v5 option (invoicing.co)? It would certainly be nice to be able to grab this and pipe it to the custom design workflow such that we can work on designs that align with our actual invoice data…

We’ll look into supporting it.

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FYI… we’ve added support for this in the next release.

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