V5 Incredibly slow on LibreWolf


Long time v4 user who lost everything to a crash (11/2021) and who has now only gotten to setting-up v5 as a replacement now after many false starts.

My question is less about v5 and more about LibreWolf. I use LibreWolf primarily due to security concerns. I have noticed that v5 is measurably slower when using LibreWolf (linux) vs using Firefox/Chrome (on Windows, Linux) etc. This makes it clear that there is something about LibreWolf that makes v5 slow.

So does anyone have any idea what that may be? I suspect there is something that v5 requires that LibreWolf has disable by default. I don’t know how v5 works well enough to troubleshoot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


To clarify are you comparing the Linux desktop app (Install invoiceninja on Linux | Snap Store) to the web app running in the browser?

I would expect the desktop app to be much faster than the web app.

Web app (using LibreWolf browser) but can give the snap package a shot. I am just more or less interest what it is about LibreWolf/InvoiceNinja5 that causes the slowdown versus Firefox/Chrome

Per this issue please check that WebGL is enabled

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That was the solution; thank you!