V5 Feedback, a brain dump

First off, want to thank @hillel for replying to my tweet and being open to feedback. Below are a couple issues I had during my evaluation of v5. I intentionally listed the feedback from actionable to opinionated.

Testing setup

  1. Windows 10 (latest)
  2. Chrome (latest)
  3. 27" monitors
  4. Self-hosted instance (build v5.1.46-C45) installed from Github using https://ploi.io.

Initial install PDF issue

During the first two install attempts I was unable to pass the PDF test. This was over a couple of days (4/8-4/11ish) but the last couple installs (after 4/12 to today) have been fine so I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. Worth noting, logs didn’t have any record of the issue. Console log only returned a “Server 500” error.

Localization → Settings

Dropdown issue

When selecting a timezone I’m unable to scroll to the bottom of the dropdown’s list as the list continues out of the screen’s viewport. Searching for a tz however works perfectly to narrow the list.

HTML entity code

Additionally when searching for a timezone I noticed the html entity code is shown instead of an ampersand.

Tabbing through form fields

When attempting to tab through form fields (in Settings → Email Settings) it tabs between the currently selected field and the browser’s URL bar. This seems to be a Chrome issue, Firefox correctly moves to the next input.

Using a password manager

I only have 1password so I’d like if someone else can verify this with another manager (LastPass or Bitwarden) but the login form in Chrome & Firefox won’t prefill the email.

The UI

I’m putting this last because UI is subjective and difficult. It’s a beauty in the eyes of the beholder, picking your favorite child, Scarlett Johansson or Margot Robbie; you get the point. I’ll spend some time attempting to articulate in a constructive manner my (let’s be honest opinionated) feedback on the UI. I’m coming from v4 and I find myself searching for where things are and it might just be a learning curve. Once I’ve collected constructive thoughts I’ll post them below.

I’ll continue testing/evalutating and should I come across anything else I’ll also post below.


Thanks for the detailed feedback!

If you have a scroll wheel or a trackpad you should be able to scroll through the list. There is a scrollbar but there’s a bug causing it to be cut off below the visible screen. I’ll work on correcting it. I also see the & problem, thanks for catching it.

I mainly use Chrome and find tabbing works most of the time, do you see the same problem on the demo: https://demo.invoiceninja.com

I use LastPass, although the UI element isn’t shown it does fill in the form for me. I’ll see if this can be improved.

I hear you, change is always hard. We build up muscle memory with apps which is frustrating to have to relearn. Where possible we’ve tried to keep things the same but in some cases to add/improve features we’ve needed to make changes.

If you’re able to write down specific challenges it would be very helpful. Nothing is set in stone, as more people begin to use the new version we plan to listen to feedback and adjust as needed.

If you haven’t seen these videos they may help:

So for the timezone, I do get the scroll bar but it doesn’t appear the window recognizes is scrolls past the current viewport. I can scroll but I never see what runs off the screen.

On the tabbing through fields, it does work correct on the demo site. I cleared the browser’s cache and tried it again on my dev install and it worked now. :thinking::man_shrugging:, guess we can ignore that one.

I haven’t seen those videos, I’ll go through and watch them. Outside of the screencasts and the docs any other recommended reading material?

Great, progress…

I think that’s all we have for now. The docs definitely need to be improved, just busy getting everything working in the app :slight_smile:

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Bro I use KeePass and it fills the login on both browsers.

And you forgot to review the most important new thing for V5 - dark theme!

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