V5 Display Client VAT/ID Number (Company Reg) on Invoice

Good Day, I would like to add my custom fields to be displayed on the invoice.


  • VAT N0: 123355
  • Company Reg; 123123123

Uner the client details, how would one go about doing that?


You can add custom fields to the invoice on Settings > Invoice Design > Client Details.

Hi Hillel,
So I added the VAT and Company Reg to the customer profile and shows on the invoice.
However, I like the system to default this information so it’s displayed on the invoice.

Have attached some screen shots so you have a better understanding

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 17.44.52

The screenshots are a mix of the client and company details. Are the values the same for all clients (ie. is it set for the company) or does each client have different values?

Hi Hillel,

What I want to be displayed its the VAT Number, sorry should have left comments.

  • So under Client Details, I typed in the VAT number so it can be displayed on the invoice when it’s been generated.
  • Same Applies to Company No:
  • Each Client will have different Vat and Company numbers
  • I wanted to know how can default those options to be displayed automatically instead of typing in those values that being VAT and Company NO so it can be displayed under the client details on the invoice

Hope that clears things up

Do you mean if a client’s VAT # is 123 you want to type ‘123’ rather than ‘VAT: 123’?

I want the VAT to Displayed next to number Eg VAT 123456

Thanks, understood.

@david what do you think about prepending a label if a custom value is set in Settings > Localization, this is how we solve this in v4.