V5 :: Bug / Feature Request: Localization issues & refinement

I have to think the following is probably just an oversight at this phase. I found the system did not detect my our date format quite right initially and had to change it for both businesses I have set up. It was using a strange (to me) format of “31/Jan/2000” vs the more (locally / US) acceptable “01/31/2000” date format.

Also, clicking outside of the selection options did not deselect and leave selected the option that I had.

I also found that the Timezone was not automatically detected and defaulted to US/Pacific (which is not correct for me), but initially changing it was clunky and I had to delete the value in order to get the dropdown to pull up appropriate values to choose from.

Another peculiarity is the tax system so far. I’ve yet to figure this out, but it seems that non-US (seemingly European) tax mechanisms are in place and showing up as defaults in the invoice template examples that I keep printing while customizing things. Seeing these extra taxes, while great for European folks (and I understand there are more tax fields therewith), is confusing for US users and so perhaps using a locale detection / setting could only show default tax fields on the invoices and elsewhere by default.

This similarly happens with addresses. Many of the sample addresses that print by default have extra fields and lines that just are not clear for someone in the US, while I know they are fine and make sense for other countries.

All of this was not a big deal, but I could see it causing trouble or confusion for some folks and I thought I should just mention it for sanity’s sake.

Thanks for the feedback!

In the latest version of the app there is a setup wizard to configure most of these settings, you should see it when creating a new company. We use a date with the month name by default to prevent month/day vs day/month confusion, it’s easy to change so I think it’s ok.

Agreed, clicking outside should be handled. We’re waiting on the framework we use to correct this.

I’m not sure I understand your point about taxes, are you saying you have them disabled but they’re still displayed on the invoice preview?

cc @david