V5 Bank Statements - Upload?

In V4 I see where you can upload a bank statement to reconcile. I do not see bank statement options in v5. Am I over looking this?


It hasn’t yet been implemented yet but we plan to re-implement a better of version of it with time.

Hi, 3 questions follow from that:
1/ Any estimate of timeframe?
2/ Will that be available in the online hosted version or only via self-hosting?
3/ Will it be able to handle generalised imports (ie UK bank transactions, rearranged if necessary) or are you thinking only of connections to US banks?

It would be helpful to know before I go down the rabbit hole.


  1. Sorry, we aren’t able to provide timeframes
  2. All features are available on both platforms
  3. It will likely depend on the provider we use which hasn’t yet been selected

Hi Hillel, thanks for the answer.

May I extend my question 3 as I’m guessing you’re not in UK and not totally familiar with what we can get out of our banks (of course, apologies if you are).

I originally said “3 Will it be able to handle generalised imports (ie UK bank transactions, rearranged if necessary)”. What I I had in mind is the ability to import a CSV file (or similar convenient format) containing payer, date, amount, invoice reference information. Most if not all UK banks provide the facility to export such files from their online banking portals and carry those references on the statement data. For instance, my bank (HSBC) on a statement line item shows payer’s account name, date, amount, transaction reference info as provided by payer. It’s fairly straightforward to turn that into a list of payments for input to NBinja.

HSBC allows me to export & download statements as CSV, QIF or OFX files. For this purpose I’d go with CSV as it’s simpler to rearrange and use a lookup to adjust payers (which will be their bank account names as advised on my statement) to match customer names as I use them in Ninja.

The functionality I had/have in mind is to:

  1. Import CSV file of payments into Ninja
  2. Validate customer names and invoice references against Ninja content
  3. Apply valid matches as payment to Ninja invoices
  4. Report successes and validation failures.

In other words, replacing the manual, one at a time bank transfer entry process with an import of multiple payment items.

Your reply mentioned a “provider… which hasn’t yet been selected” and seems to imply perhaps something analogous to the US ACH system which probably exists somewhere in the UK BACS system. I feel that might be over-engineering things for generation 1. The UK has a pretty good bank transfer environment and my customers are currently seemingly happy using their online banking apps on mobile or web to make the payments. An actual payment gateway isn’t the major need, at least as a first step - what is needed IMHO is uploading and matching the payments which have already been effected and reported on statements* so that the invoices are easily marked as paid. Thereafter and in due course, generation 2 might perhaps have a bank transfer gateway - but I do rather suspect that won’t be a good fit to the way UK customers and UK banking functions.

  • and bear in mind that UK bank transfers are now same day transactions whether made on app or web, so that they appear on my incoming statement within a couple of hours - ie as close to real-time as most sane people need, and certainly as fast as my accountant can handle them. :grinning:

Thanks for the info, we’ll keep it in mind…