V5 API Docs, not finding much

I have used:

to connect our in house system to v4 of hosted Invoice Ninja. We rely on the API connection to bill our customers through Invoice Ninja and it’s a manual mess/nightmare without the ability to use the API, it’s a requirement actually for any billing system we use. Today, it felt forced (not sure if it was 100%) forced that we move to v5, so we did.

I am certain all our API calls are now broken but I haven’t verified yet. It seems that the only API docs I can find are here:

There is lots of code on the screen but in my opinion, this is severely limited in comparison to the v4 docs. There also doesn’t appear to be a PHP SDK unless the old one has been updated.

Any help or baby steps would be really appreciated in terms of getting our API calls converted from v4 to v5 so we aren’t stuck doing manual invoices next month.

Right now we use the PHP SDK for v4 as far as I remember and we basically just create invoices, not much else. It’s been a while since we coded this into v4 so, honestly I’m just at a loss looking at these new docs. Doesn’t seem to be any instructions, just a bunch of code, I’m sure I’ll make sense of after staring at it for hours. But, some step by step or example client code would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance for any help.

There is some additional info here:


The main point being the auth header naming has changed

If you are familiar with the v4 API then the v5 one is similar with some changes.

We are yet to update the SDK for v5.

If you don’t need to move to v5 yet, i’d suggest sticking with v4 until you get your new API calls sorted.

So if I’m using the v4 SDK will it just flat out not work with v5?

I think the ship has already sailed on moving to v5, I have been messing with this all day and don’t want to go back now. I would prefer to find the info I need to get my API calls working.

Is there some written info on exactly what needs to be changed?

I have already reviewed the developer guide you referenced but there is very little about going from v4 to v5 in terms of what I need. I saw this…

The v4 and v5 APIs are mostly the same but there are some key changes which are important to be aware of.

The header name for the API token has changed from X-Ninja-Token in v4 to X-API-Token in v5.

The data type of the id fields has changes from integer to string to support the new id format.

But… That’s very limited.

For example, has the URL changed that I am supposed to hit?

Will the PHP SDK for v4 just not work at all on v5?

There are simply no instructions anywhere on how to move from v4 to 5 in terms of the API.

Honestly, without the API, I can’t use Invoice Ninja or any billing platform. I don’t mind reading the docs to figure it out but, if there are none, I can’t really read them.

Don’t mean to sound bitchy but this is really not great. At the moment to be in the position. Without being able to bill my customers, I can’t make a living.

Going back to v4 isn’t great because there are things broke there that you all don’t seem interested in fixing.

Hoping some more help is available here. I don’t think I’m trying to do anything too complicated. I have minimal code that needs to be converted over to v5’s API.

Any additional help would be appreciated.

v5 is a completely new platform and not backward compatible with v4, this includes all API calls and also the SDK.

The API endpoint for v5 is https://invoicing.co

If you are under time constraints, you may want to consider a third party service that can do the heavy lifting for you such as Zapier or Integromat we have deep integrations with both of those services and you should be able to get going quickly.

I don’t mind it being all new and not backwards compatible, my issue is that there is an API without any real documentation to use it.

I will check out the third party options, I don’t need to do anything fancy so, maybe that will do the trick. If not, I guess I can go back to v4 for now. My concern is, if I go back to v4, at what point will I be forced back to v5? At the point I am forced back to v5, will there be a API docs I can use to make the change over in my own code?

Thanks for your time and responses.

Please put the v5 API endpoint somewhere in the docs. I spent quite a while hunting for it and only found it here. The swagger docs only reference a test URL.


Thanks i’ll update the docs.