V5 and hosted / paid version

Hi All,

I’m very interested in starting to use InvoiceNinja.
In fact i’m waiting for the release of the v5 before making the step.

Will the hosted version (and the paid plans) be available once the v5 is released ?
Will there be any difference in the type of available plans ?

Any idea when this official release will be expected ?
I know the best answer is, when it is ready… but some time indication should be great.



We hope to have v5 available to hosted users by around early/mid 2021. Our next immediate milestone is to certify the selfhost release as ‘stable’, after that we’ll focus on the hosted platform.

The plans should be generally the same but multi-user plans will need to change due to the differences between v4 and v5. In v4 a user can only belong to one company whereas in v5 a user can belong to multiple companies.