[v5.3.84-C78] Only One Expense Document is Attached to Invoice

I have attached several expenses to some invoices and in the client portal it only list ONE of the images/pdfs for my customer to download.

Basically I’ve batched up the week’s travel expenses into one invoice to be reimbursed along with my service rate. I’ve seen a screenshot here with two documents attached and I presume they came from a pair of expenses but I’m unsure.

How can I get the remaining expense documents to associate with the invoices they’ve been put on so that my client can download/review them as needed?


Maybe “Add documents to invoice” is disabled for some of the expenses?

Wish it was that easy. I knew most of my expenses would be invoiced so I’ve even set attach to invoice as my default.

@david do you have any thoughts?


thanks for reporting, i think i see the issue here, i’ll circle back when the fix is implemented.

Thank you!

Miss looping an array?

I’m seeing this also. Documents that were attached to previous invoice from last year are gone and any new document gets associated with every invoice for that project.

just wondering if there an estimate of when a fix will be out for this?


A fix for this was release in 5.3.88 are you still seeing this issue?

Yes, just tested it again now. Running v5 5.3.89. The uploaded file is showing across all invoices related to the same project and on the documents page of the project


can we wind this a step back.

  1. You have a task which you have a document attached to.
  2. You have invoiced the task
  3. The document is now appearing on other unrelated task invoices?

Will the fix correct invoices that are already built?

I’m not seeing the extra docs on 5.3.88. I’ll make up a test invoice if it’s not applying it retroactively.

Also I my original ticket, I was missing expense document attachments, i.e. multiple receipts.


The fix implemented was for both expenses and tasks.

Let us know if you are not seeing the correct behaviour.

On. 88 it is NOT showing more than 1 on old invoices.

I need to send another out tonight so I’ll check on new invoices.

In .90 it is still not listing more than 1 expense document on an invoice. Even a new invoice.


I just tested by doing the following:

Email Settings > Attach Documents
Expense Settings > Add documents to invoice

Create New Expense
Add Multi Documents to Expense
Invoice Expense
Email Invoice.

Following these steps I’m able to see all documents from the expense in the invoice email.

Oh, this might be a point of confusion. I was expecting the multiple expenses added to one invoice (say the hotel, meals, flights) to have each of those documents (the scans/photos of the receipts) to all be available under the single invoice. I wouldn’t want to invoice each little meal separately to my client. It only makes sense to roll it all into one bill for that particular “job”.

Is that why we’re coming to different results?


I just created two expenses with separate documents and then batch invoiced them and both attachments were sent with the invoice.

So i am still unable to recreate this particular issue.