V5.2.6 Adjustment position for France

A HUGE Congrats & Thank You to all the team, you are doing a wonderful job. I started using v4 last year, and migrated to v5 just some weeks ago. I know you are polishing the edges, with bugs to solve. I do with what you give us and so far it’s great even if it takes some time to take this new v5 in hand. I payed my white label licence with no regret.

Here are my 2 concerns.

  1. In France, we display the address first with the CP and then the CITY like this:
    Strreet address

So it should be:

In the template editor, there is no way to adjust this for now.
On the screenshot, you see on the right the part of the address that I framed.

  1. On the mail preview section, below appeared a footer in English. Where do we go to remove or personalise it?
    I cannot use the send email feature for now, because I work with French client, I prefer avoit for them to see English text in the mix.

Best regards,


Thanks, that’s great to hear :slight_smile:

  1. If you set the client’s country it should automatically swap them, alternatively you can select a different field order on Settings > Invoice Design

  2. I believe this is being worked on, @david @ben can you please advise? Note: with v5 you can use groups to send the email in different languages to different clients.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I changed the settings for all my clients to French. Did a ‘php artisan optimise’ but it’s still the same with the bad position.

I went in the Invoice Design, as you can see, it’s all on the same line:
Ville/ Province (département)/CP
and it should be
CP/Ville/ Province (département)

Is the client’s country field set?

You can add Postal/City/State instead

Yes, I changed one by one every client’s country field to French:

You can add Postal/City/State instead


Yes, we are removing that stock English text @ben.

The screenshot shows that the language field is set, I’m suggesting that you set the country field. The same language can be used in different places, the country is used to localize values.

You can remove the City/State/Postal field and replace it with Postal/City/State on Settings > Invoice Design.

The client country setting is on the billing address tab.

You can remove the City/State/Postal field and replace it with Postal/City/State on Settings > Invoice Design.

Yes, that was it, thank you! There are two different one:
First one is French adjustment, second one in English adjustment.