[v5.1.60-C47 / Stable 2.0.6] Payment method missing


I’m able to use my credit card via stripe without issues.

The stripe module shows me:
*Credit Card
*Apple/Google Pay

All of them are already enabled via stripe module and stripe directly. But I can use on frontend / invoice my credit card only. I want to use Alipay, SOFORT, … too.

Any idea?



I don’t believe those options have been implemented yet.

I see, ok. I was thinking, it was possible, because I can select and activate that on my backend.

sofort should be working, are you seeing an error?

On the invoice page for costumers, I can select credit card only


Go to the payment gateway > edit > Fees and Limits

in each payment method credit card /sofort etc - make sure they are all enabled…

already done

I’m not able to recreate this. Note for Sofort to appear the follow conditions are required:

client country iso must be set to one of the following countries

'AUT', 'BEL', 'DEU', 'ITA', 'NLD', 'ESP'

Ahhhh, I see. Ok. Now, I’ve SOFORT plus Aliplay on top. Good to know.

It’s possible to activate that for all clients / countries? Normally, you should forwarded to domain.tld/client/payments/process to fill out missing data. If the client not from AU, BE, DE, IT, NL or ES, client will be redirected back to overview?

I think, it’s clear for all sides?

And what about Banktransfer and Apple/Google Pay? Any restrictions, too?

Only the payment types available for the clients regions display… In this case the list above are the only regions which support Sofort. The same for Alipay. Please note I do not think Alipay is finalized yet.

I see, ok. But what about Banktransfer and Apple/Google Pay? No available in Germany? Via stripe directly it’s possible to use in Germany.

Bank Transfer refers to ACH - which is US only - we are implementing SEPA which is widely available in Europe. The two missing implementations are AliPay and Google/ApplePay which we are working on.

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Ah ok, cool! I really prefer SEPA transfer (IBAN). If I can help, just let me know.