V5.0.23r Missing Configuration Settings


I’m new to InvoiceNinja and am busy testing v5.0.23r installed on Ubuntu Server 20.4. It was installed from the .zip downloaded from github. I have the application running and for the most part things seem to be working. There are some system errors which I am currently investigating but my question really is about missing system settings.

A couple of examples… referring to the 4.5 docs when configuring the client portal you are presented with options for configuring the portal URL but this is nowhere to be found in v5?
Another one… I cannot find any place to change email server settings after the initial settings were entered during the installation. Is it possible to set an email server per company?

All the documentation refer to v4.5 and not v5 so I’m not sure whether those settings are no longer available or if there is something wrong with my install.

Any insights or a pointer to updated documentation would be highly appreciated.



Thanks for trying out the app!

You can manage these settings by manually editing the .env file in the root folder of the project.