V4 to v5, same domain

We are considering making the move to v5, v4 is on https://myninja.com, we want to keep it on this domain.

Is there a procedure we can follow to make the migration without changing our billing domain?

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you could install in a folder, but we would recommend installing on a subdomain such as client.myninja.com

I really like Invoice Ninja, but don’t like this answer. Is it possible to move v4 from myninja.com to myninja.net, then setup v5 on myninja.com ?

Hello @katycomputer

I am also a user of v4 and have learned that the version cannot be upgraded but only migrated. So you need to create a completely new installation with its own domain and then migrate v4 to v5. After that you can change the domain.
But you will probably need a lot of time to set up v5 the way you want it. I’ve been despairing about it for months.

  1. install v5 with new (sub-) domain
  2. configure v5 (invoices, settings, …)
  3. migration from v4 to v5
  4. change domain

@katycomputer Yes you could do that, it should work fine. The only issue could be old existing invoice links from v4 would fail as soon as you changed the URL. This may or may not be an issue for you.


What issues are you still seeing moving over to v5?

Hello @david, unfortunately I still have so various problems and therefore can not yet migrate the live environment:

Prio 1:
#7781: PDF generation error
#6509: “$pageNumber” and “$page Count”
#8022: Fix footer at the bottom

Prio 2:
#8031: Adjust texts
#6831: Number of decimal places for quantity
#8033: Font size