V4 to v5 All Bank Transfers are Cash

Trialling out a v4 to v5 migration.
Just noticed that all payments that were Bank Transfers are displayed as Cash.
Additionally a few CC payments via Stripe have a blank payment method, but still have the Stripe transaction reference (Seems that this is only the ones that did not store the card data with stripe).
Looks like a borked migration script.


Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david


Is your v4 on the latest version? I believe i have a fix in for this, but it is in the master branch of v4.


Did an upgrade from v4.5.16 dev branch to 4.5.50 zip prior to v5 migration. Maybe v4 db migration script failed as I remember seeing errors in early testing , will double check and revert.
Would probably also explain the missing primary contacts in client list from my other thread.