V4 - Tasks Missing

I enabled tasks a long time ago, I don’t see the location of it any more. I am sure it is still enabled since I can check old clients and they are able to see tasks, however recent or new clients cannot see the tasks.
I really don’t see myself using V5 for a while still since V4 was much more simple to use. I am NOT using self hosted and using paid version. Thanks


Can you check the option is enabled on Settings > Account Management (to display tasks in the admin portal) and Settings > Client Porta (to display them in the client portal).

I checked those before posting but I checked again, if I recall correctly tasks was an option here but seems to be missing from Settings. Even the V5 has the settings in this spot.


In v4 I think the option may be on the edit client page.

Oh my goodness, It’s there. It’s easy to overlook. Thanks!

Posting for any future reference, edit customer page