V4 - how can I have subtotal excluding tax when I use inclusive taxe

I’am trying to use Ninja Invoice in France, I need inclusive taxes for my customers and a line with subtotal without taxes. I have seen in another topic that’s impossible.

There’s realy no solution ?

since we have the total and the taxes, it would be enough to simply subtract?

This could appear in a separate line: “of which total ht…”
thank you very much for the work, it’s very much appreciated.


This is supported in v5 but not in v4

Thank you very much for the answer.
I will look to use V5.

Hmm… rereading this you may want to check it’s supported in the demo


thank you
I just tried it with the demo. I think it doesn’t work with version 5 either.
Inclusive taxes are well calculated but there is no display of the amount before tax.

The total amount before tax could appear, outside the calculation, below or next to the final total.
Maybe it would be possible to just call it in the script to display this amount?
Is there a variable that indicates the amount before tax (but with taxes inclusive)?

Feel free to request the feature here:


We had the same requirement in this thread and solved it there.

If the repo is not available anymore, you can find another solution in my repo.