V4 ; Hosted ; randomly log's me out even while invoicing

Hi guys & girls,

Thank you for your software, it has truly been a blessing to use over the last ±5years. In the last 2-3months I’ve started being logged out at random (on the backend) but not on the frontend.

I know I’ve been logged out as I can’t download the invoice. I’m no longer getting the “Can’t save this invoice” message that I used to get in the past, if I left my tab open for X period of time.

As you can imagine this is making me very hesitant to use I-Ninja and is costing me time, as I have to re-do work, sometimes entire invoices with 10x seperate line items.

So far there is no pattern. Before coming here this AM, I was logged-out on the backend while invoicing… I did not step away at all, but between invoice X & Y, I was logged out on the backend. How did I know this?

Well, the Download button did not work after multiple clicks. When re-freshing the page, I got the login page for invoice ninja…

As a network engineer / systems admin of 15years, I am well aware of the pitfalls that come with major software upgrades, which is why I’m putting off the V5 upgrade as long as possible.

Without running any wireshark checks on my end, I can’t give further insight into the issue, but I would take a guess that perhaps your V4 server is bottlenecked which is causing a heartbeat to miss & me to be logged out? Just the first thing that came to mind.


You may want to consider upgrading to v5, by default the app keeps you logged in forever.

Hi Hillel, thank you for the swift reply.

Seeing the issues others are having with v5, that wont be happening for another 3-6months.

I’m looking for a reason and solution to this issue Vs being “forced” to upgrade.

This has only been an issue over the last 2-3months (same PC, same OS install, same LAN, ISP etc etc etc).

There must be a cause and a fix. How can I enable error logging / view the error log?

We aren’t forcing selfhost users to use v5 but we also aren’t able to spend much time supporting v4. Most v5 issues on the forum are configuration problems, there are many thousands of people using v5 in production now.

Has anything changed on the server? The recent v4 versions just have changes to the migration, we haven’t made any changes to the v4 app in quite a while now.

Hi Hillel,

I did not say I was actually being forced, hence why I put it inside of " ". :slight_smile:

I am paying for it to be hosted with you guys, which surely must then come with some support beyond ‘’ Think about an upgrade to v5 " ?

Could you please check the logs, I know I was logged out about 5-10 min before my original post. I’ll keep a log if I get logged out again, so you have some rough time stamps to use.

This wouldn’t be tracked in our logs, maybe using a different browser would help?

Thank you Hillel, I’ll try that, aswell as another PC in the same LAN with FF & Chome (currently using lastest FF).

If I want to monitor latency from my end, is it sufficient to monitor ‘app.invoiceninja.com’ ? I’ll also monitor this from a few other nodes for consistency.

I may well only reply later this week, let me see if this issue persists on this machine.

Yes, that’s the main URL used by the v4 app.

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Hi Hillel, just for the sake of clarity I am not self hosting, which you mentioned earlier.

“We aren’t forcing selfhost users to use v5 but we also aren’t able to spend much time supporting v4.”

I did make sure to select “Hosted” and not “Self hosted” when creating the thread.

I was mistaken, I think I had just seen your response on a different selfhosted post.

No problem, I’ve always had my instance hosted with you guys from day 1 :slight_smile: . Using a Chrome based brower the issue has not occured, for about 6h, but lets see how the rest of the week goes. Thank you again.

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