Users should not see all Customers

Hi we have technicians all over the world and we want the specific user accounts we create to only see the customers they are taking care of.

Example: I create a user account for one of my technicians that is working in Australia. We have 3 Customers that are located in Australia. Now I want the account of the technician to only see and edit these 3 customers and not all hundreds that are all over the world.

Is that possible ?


Yes, you could limit the user’s permissions and then assign the clients they can see to them.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to respond :slight_smile: Could you maybe tell me how to do it exactly ? Because I have tried a few different ways and it doesnt work as intended unfortunatly.

Have you tried assigning the specific clients to the user?

I need to be completely honest with you. I havent found anything about assigning clients to users. I tried googling and looked through some Invoice Ninja KBs but I couldn’t find anything. I am really sorry for wasting your time here but could you maybe tell me how to do it. Thats all I can change in the user management…

If you edit a client you’ll see a user dropdown where they can be assigned.

I think I found what you are talking about and I tried assigning a User to the client. But the User can still see all Customers and not just the one I assigned him to.

You’ll need to remove their client permissions to prevent them from seeing all of them

Ah ok now it works kind of. Thank you :slight_smile: But what if I have more than one user that is working for a Client ? Because you can only assign one user per client. I saw that I can create groups. But you cant assign Users to these groups so that doesnt seem to work this way.

Sorry, that isn’t supported. Feel free to create an issue here to request it:

Ok thank you. One last question. Is it possible for the User to only see his own created tasks ? Because now the user can only create a task for the clients I assigned him to and that is perfect. But he can still see the tasks other users created. Thank you for your help. It is really appreciated :+1:

You should just need to remove the user’s ability to view/edit tasks, they’ll still be able to view tasks they create but not other user’s tasks.

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yes thats what i tried but unfortunatly the user still sees the description and time of the tasks that other users created. The funny thing is they just dont see the client the tasked is assigned to so it looks kinda strange haha. Problem is they can still edit the tasks of the other users.

@david any thoughts on this?


Are you able to show a screen shot of the permissions for a user who can see all tasks please?

I am unable to recreate this.