Use public_notes from clients in invoices


In Germany, there are many rules that you don’t seem to consider, which makes it very hard to use Invoice Ninja here. Today I ask for advice to the following problem:

I need to include information about SEPA on every invoice. In Europe, it’s common that you can pay by automatic debit transfer system, which is called SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). Part of the regulations is, that information about that is printed on every invoice (you need a SEPA mandate to do this, and that mandate must be noted on the invoice).
Since Invoice Ninja doesn’t seem to have any functionality for this, I was thinking about adding the SEPA related data into the public_notes field of a customer.
I know I can add it to the invoice, but a) I would have to do that manually for EVERY invoice ever created, AND I would have problems in doing this for the invoices created by API.

So, is it somehow possible to automatically include the customer’s public_notes field on the invoice, replacing the invoice’s public_notes field? Or any other way where I can add the required data once into the client’s dataset and then have it included on every invoice created for this customer?

(And no, it’s not sufficient to just add it to the email, it must be printed on the invoice)


Could you use the default company invoice terms or footer?

No, because the content is unique for every customer, and not every customer gets this text, only those paying by SEPA.

Maybe you can use a custom field on the client which is injected into the default terms

It seems that this could be a possible solution, but the problem is the invoice template. I can add a custom field “invoice notes” and put my SEPA data in there, but the template defaults to $clientDetails variable and thus gets added to the address field in the invoice header, which makes totally no sense with this field.

I might be able to add this somewhere at the bottom of the invoice, but then the formatting gets ugly, since I don’t find out how to resize the invoiceLineItemsTable (with too much text on the bottom, the last invoice item prints over it), and I still don’t know how to effectively remove it from the recipient address field… this pdfmake’ish interface is quite unintuitive to me :frowning:

Custom invoice designs are much simpler in v5, we’ve changed to HTML/CSS.

Funny you mention it… my lately mentioned migration problem is still unsolved… I would like to move to v5, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Can you share a link to the issue?

Last one was, that you were asking @david for help, which never happened.

For now, it seems that the following solution works best so far:
I’ve added, as suggested - a custom field called “Rechnungsnotizen” (e.g. invoice notes) under Customers, so I have one dedicated place to place the required SEPA details. Then added $client.customValue2 after the $signature entry in the invoice template so that my SEPA details are printed directly below the invoice summary.
looks good on first sight, I hope it also works for my financial department.

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Thank you for having shared this solution with us.

I am having exactly the same issue with my invoice’s T&Cs in V5. It always get displayed under the Items column, irrespective of what code I add to create a dedicated page that will separately display these details.

I believe the problem lies with the fact the Terms entry is nested in the template’s ‘Table’.

It seems you were able to overcome this.Well done.

Would you mind sharing your template’s HTML/CCS code, including the code you created for adding $client.customValue2 after the $signature entry in the invoice template, so that the entry shows directly below the invoice summary? I would really appreciate, if possible at all, as I have been running round in circles for a while now. Feel free to hide any sensitive data of course, or to send me the HTML/CCS over a PM if you prefer.

Thank you.

I fear that this wouldn’t help you, since I’m still using v4 of the software (the migration tool still fails for unknown reason, support gave up trying to figure this out eventually) and the v4 software is using pdfmake for creating the invoices instead of html/css.

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What’s the latest error you’re seeing with the migration?