Use of {$counter} in recurring invoices

Hi there,
IIf I am not wrong, you cannot setup an invoice design for recurring invoices, since you have to assign a number.
I use RE-{$date:ym}-{$counter} right now and the system telss me, that this number has already been taken, since I have more than 10 rcurring invoices, which all have the same number.

The error message while trying to save the recurring invoice is

422: The given data was invalid.
• The number has already been taken.


Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean by “since you have to assign a number”?

I suggest checking that the counter in the generated numbers settings is correct.

Hi Hilklel,
thanks for your fast reply.
I have prepared some recurring invoices that will be used toomorrow. I have chosen a client, some items and so on. When I try to edit the recurring invoice it asks me to type in an invoice number,

“Please enter an invoice number”

When I use RE-{$date:ym}-{$counter} for the invoice number it ist possible only for the first recurring invoice. If i use the same number format in another recurring invoice, I receive the error message


Do you want to use the RE-{$date:ym}-{$counter} for recurring invoices or for the standard invoices which are created by the recurring invoice?

It sounds like you may have set the custom RE-{$date:ym}-{$counter} pattern for the recurring invoice settings whereas you should set it for the invoice setting.

Hello Hillel,
I want to use the pattern for both, normal invoices and recurring invoices


@david any thoughts?

As long as your counters are the same the patterns should match.

The only catch is if you create separate stand alone invoices, the counter will move beyond the recurring invoice.

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