URL of Portal client

Hello friends.

I have installed Invoice Ninja v5.0.52-C39 on subdomain (Example: https://clientes.XXXXXXX.com) .

I have enabled “Client Portal” and “Client Registration” but i don’t know what is the URL of “Portal Client”. Can anyone tell me?


Hey there,

The client portal can be accessed by adding /client to your domain.


Thanks Ben.

I have accessed with https://my.subdomain.com/client

I see where my clients can do login, but i have enabled on my control panel that new clients can register but i don’t see this option in portal area.

I attach a capture of portal area.


At the moment, you have to pass the company key in the registration URL to let people do that. This is a really bad user experience & I expect this to be changed really soon. Probably next week.

This has to be done because people may have multiple companies & we should know which one registration page is pointing to. However, the new implementation will show the “Register” button on the login page that will lead to the default (and only if you have one) company.

Also, at the point where we introduce this to the official hosted platform, you should be able to manage multiple companies’ registration with subdomains.

my-company-2.invoice-platform.test etc.

TLDR: This is the format domain.com/client/register/COMPANY_KEY

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@ben I’ve added the URL in the admin portal, it’s shown if the feature is enabled.

Please let me know once we no longer require the company_key and I’ll update it in the app.


Hello Hillel.

Where is the URL? I don’t view it. I attach a capture.

Very thanks.

It will be visible in the next version

Ok. Very thanks hillel!

Hey everyone, this is now available in the v5-develop. You can expect it with next release.

@hillel on the frontend you can check if the currently used company is “default” or fallback to count less than 1. In both cases, company_:key isn’t required.

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Thanks @ben! Is there a ‘default’ field, I don’t see it in the transformer. @david maybe it needs to be added?

@david ping ping ping!

I think I am out of the loop on this one.

Do we need the default client portal url defined in a transformer somewhere? Which transformer?

I believe we need to add the is_default field to the company transformer

I have default_company_id on the account table, does this work?

Having it on the compay is not ideal because if the company is deleted, i need to manage the promotion of another company to the default and it is simpler to do this on the account.

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