Uploading data via CVS


Here is what I have done, I did create a Demo company and put some data in, and exported out so I had an idea of the field.
I have also created 2 clients who i am trying to move from company A to B, using JSON format and it fails.

Also when uploading the product list it fails. Is there an guide on this ?



You can use any CSV format and map the fields after uploading the file.

Are there any specific error messages?


I get a Please Confirm your account to import data.


I can upload to the main company but not to the 2nd or 3rd.



It sounds like you need to confirm the email for your secondary companies.

You can resend the confirmation email on Settings > User Details.

Related csv question.
My item descriptions use new lines.
For example this may be how my item description is formatted.

Standard web hosting
500mb space
1 database
2 emails

I have only been creating products in invoice ninja and using the enter key for a new line in product description field.

If I create a csv in excel there is no way to add a new line or line break within a cell.

If you understand what I am saying.

Any thoughts?

Sorry if it’s a weird question. I just feel if I had to create a csv with products it would be quicker.

It should be possible using our API or an integrator such as Zapier.