Uploaded logo is not visible in the client portal but is visible in invoices and budgets

Hello! I have uploaded the logo in different sizes and formats (jpg, jpeg, png…) and it is not displayed in the client portal.

Any advice?


Do you see any errors in the network tab in the browser console?

Note: if LOCAL_DOWNLOAD is set to true in the .env file the image is embedded in the PDF file, this will work even if the file isn’t reachable over the network.

LOCAL_DOWNLOAD is set to true in the .env file
Here are errors at the browser console


   GET https://ekon.servicioscreativosreml.com/storage/aeDNlgRficoSTB081KDMnduDCp9SoLiE/LjHwKzDW6zfpzjgKNSfgzyYCYySSDJyRYV32JyW4.png 403 (Forbidden)


   GET https://ekon.servicioscreativosreml.com/storage/aeDNlgRficoSTB081KDMnduDCp9SoLiE/LjHwKzDW6zfpzjgKNSfgzyYCYySSDJyRYV32JyW4.png 403 (Forbidden)

Thanks! I believe there are two ways to fix this:

  • Correct way: map the webroot to the /public folder
  • Easy way: add /public to the end of the APP_URL value in the .env file

Correct way: I have a symlink on the domain, and the webroot in public_html
Easy way doesn’t work

The webroot should map to the public folder inside the main source folder.

Same happensa in emails

If you aren’t able to update the webroot I suggest adding /public to the APP_URL value and then re-uploading the logo.

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It works!!! Thanks! i didn’t reupload logo

Immensely grateful for the speed and clarity of support

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!