Uploaded Android app

Hi just wondering maybe it phone android version related but i cant upload document via it jump to andriod permissions page like it missing right to android files

Not sure if best place to asking about app support ?


Which version of the app are you using?

5.0.125? I think :thinking:

Thats what says app store says no more upgrades

We released a new version today, it’s possible it may help.

are you new app or new versions invoice ninja

Sorry, I don’t understand

Do you mean Android app or ? Invoice Ninja it self

I mean the Android app

Under document i get the plus it doesnt do anything when i try to click it

If i do under invoice add document i can do the take picture i can select file from gallery and uploaded

If hit upload it take me android permissions it wont let me give file Access

Are you using the latest version of the Android app?

The plus by documents should no longer be shown.

just check app store it say new version now just trying to install it now

had to uninstall the app
the plus to add no longer show up but the docment menu on side still exist

take picture still show under the person and it let you upload from gallery on phone upload file still go to android permsions

Thanks for the update, we’ll look into it.

The document menu on the side is a new feature, it provides a view of all documents in the company.

yup the show does still work but i guess with new app the upload went away it still works under customer profile the code that use take pictue works they maybe code could be used under the docment page i guessing on app permsions maybe it works driffent phone or need more permsion set under the anroid package for file acess but now docment does not show on pc
at all now expect under the person

maybe put it as feature or something could be turn on even with not work on phone app prefectly it was nices

Can you explain what you mean by “document does not show on pc at all now expect under the person”

  • Are you also using the desktop app?

  • Does it work in one place in the app but not in another?

I think I may see the problem, we’ll work on a new release.

Sure let me know I can test if need be