Upgrading Invoice ninja v4.5 to Laravel 7: Mobile Money Payment Omnipay Integration : Mpesa, MTN

Hello good people :wave: ,
I managed to integrate Mobile money: Mpesa and Mtn for Invoice ninja 4.5, though had to develop Omnipay 2 packages for both.

My next plan is upgrading my self hosted invoiceninja 4.5 from laravel 5.5 to laravel 7 to enable me upgrade to omnipay 3,

Has anyone managed to to upgrade invoice ninja v4.5 to laravel 7 or even 8?.
You advice will be much appreciated

Hey there!

Thanks for showing interest in this type of project. However, I think Invoice Ninja is frozen at the moment when it comes to any upgrades, mainly because we expect v5 stable to be available to self-hosted within few weeks.

@hillel might be able to provide more info :+1:

Thanks @ben for you thoughts, I am a ware of V5 but, I am not sure whether flutter is stable enough that’s why I am still in love with Invoice Ninja V4.5 and only need to update it to latest laravel 7 or 8.
@hillel will appreciate your input


I would suggest working with v5, we’re close to considering it stable.

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There will be considerable pain involved upgrading V4 to laravel 7/8 due to dependencies. As @hillel has mentioned, you’d be better starting with V5.

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Thanks @hillel and @david

I finally managed to upgrade v4.5 to laravel 7 but needed a thorough knowledge of package development and customization, this is because some packages like chumper for datatables are not compatilble with Laravel 6,7,…

It took me more than 1 Month so dont try this if you have 1 heart, You need atleast 2 hearts :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Been testing for 2 weeks after integration with African payment Methods: Mpesa, Mtn, Flutterwave ,Banks(Offline and online)

It also help me dive deep and I a really appreciate the amount of work done by the Invoice Ninja team. You guys are just fantastic @hillel

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Hope you’ll consider upgrading to v5…

I will Sir , but I am still trying to learn flutter

Finally moved to V5 :sweat_smile: Finalizing on Mtn, Flutterwave , Airtel Africa, Paystack(Covering the African Market)


Hi @stephencoduor,

I’m looking into Paystack at the moment, wondering if you’d be willing to share how you integrated the payment gateway with IN?

Hi, haven’t finished with Paystack I am still testing