Upgraded to v5 but v4 sending out invoices still

I have v4 recurring invoices being sent out that I can’t see, manage, delete, edit, etc… in my v5 dashboard.

What do I do? I’m generating double invoices now and not seeing when payments are being made.

Thanks in advance,



If you enable forwarding in v4 on Settings > Account Management it will stop the v4 emails.

Do you see any data in your v5 account?

Yes, I see all the data on v5 and don’t have access anymore to my v4 account. The only thing it looks like is my v4 account is sending recurring invoices still and I can’t manage them via the v5 account.

Can you explain what you mean by not having access to your v4 account? If the account exists you should be able to reset the password to access it.

Do you see the recurring invoices in your v5 account?

I’ve deleted the login page from bookmarks for the v4 after migration. Can I have access again?

With regards to what I’m seeing: I see recurring invoices in V5 but I’ve had to turn them all off because your v4 system is sending them out as well. Meaning I’ve been double billing clients and having clients double pay. I also can’t see what payments have been received via your v4 system so I have no idea what’s going on with invoices right now.

v4 hosted login: https://app.invoiceninja.com