Upgraded to Enterprise but can't seem to attach files to Invoices

I upgraded specifically to attach files to my invoices but I’ve found I’m unable to do so. I’m on Linux and using the snap because a Flatpak still isn’t available that I’m aware of.

Here’s a video of my issue:


Sorry, I don’t believe this feature is currently supported using the Snap app.

This is a pretty big issue since I upgraded solely for this feature and now I have to work-around the problem by going through the cumbersome web app.
I’m running the app the way I’m recommended to (via snap) and your recommended method has a pretty big premium feature missing.

If you’re technical you can build the app from source to enable the feature on Linux.

Sorry for the trouble, we’ll of course refund your payment if you aren’t satisfied with the app.

I require the Document attachment feature, so I’ll use the work-around of switching back/forth to the Web application until you decide to implement Flatpaks.