Upgraded from V4 to V5 and have some invoice glich


I have upgraded from v4 to v5 and clicked on Enable Forwarding (~month ago) and just discovered that some long-term Recurring Invoice have some glitch

Just received email with payment confirmation and when I go to v5 I see an orange button that the client viewed the invoice - why this not switch to paid?

When I go to stripe - I can see the payment
When I go to V5 client portal & Invoices tab I see overdue!
When I go to V5 client portal & payments the last payments is a month ago!

Look like this is pulled from old v4…?

Can I just delete everything on old v4 so all functions will work only from v5?

How to fix this…?


@david can you please advise?

Just for now - I entered this stripe payment manually, and will check in one month also, I switched the date for auto payment from 02/15/2023 to 03/15/2023

I wonder why this stripe payment is not registered on V5?
I know my stripe configuration work just received other payments the day before

Have you configured the Stripe webhooks?

Yes, yesterday another client paid manually and the stripe worked fine

This is any difference between manual and auto payments in a stripe configuration on v5?


If your clients are paying using ACH or another delayed notification type of payment we strongly suggest configuring Webhooks.