Upgrade Version and Migrate Simultaneously?

Hi Hillel,

I have been stuck running Invoice Ninja in a bitnami stack. Now I finally have version 2.9.5 running on my real server. But I am having trouble migrating my SQL export and the .env to the new machine, I get the “whoops” error.

I have also tried exporting JSON (which appear to have no data) and CSV (which do have data) files from but they don’t import into 2.9.5, import fails with errors.

Is there a best way to do this?

Please try loading /update (or /public/update) and checking for any errors.

One problem we’ve seen when moving servers is that MySql has changed the table default from MyISAM to InnoDB. If that’s the case this should help:


Got it! I had tried the /public/update before, but it did nothing. But checking the errors as you suggested, turned up a mcrypt issue. Seems like somewhere along the way killed my mcrypt, but after invoice ninja was installed. Anyway, finally got it installed again, which is a pain on macOS Server 5.2 which is funky anyway.

mcrypt is really getting old. BTW it seems Invoice ninja ran fine with out mcrypt, while I was testing the new version before the sql import issue.

Thanks again.