Upgrade Problems

I just upgraded to 3.8.1 and my invoices are all there. But when I open one it is blank…no details. Also, if I visit my site in incognito mode it lists the directory contents. you can see it at https://spartan-it.com/invoices

All I did to update was to unzip the update file into the directory and launch the site. It said the database was successfully updated and all looked well.

Any ideas what I screwed up?

Maybe you need to update the .htaccess file


I’m not sure what to edit. I uncommented “RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L]” and tried that…no effect.

Yes, that’s what I meant. Where you using the app with invoices/public/ in the URL?

Yes I am. When I go to my site in my normal browser window it loads with no problem (except for the blank invoices) so I’m guessing that has to do with caching. But when I try incognito or IE it does a directory listing. I added a line to the .htaccess to hide the directory listing so now it doesn’t show the files…but it still doesn’t load the site.

Another nugget of info. When I uncomment that line I get redirected to my main site’s wp-login.php page. Invoice Ninja is in the invoices directory beneath my main site.

I’m not sure, did you need to make any changes when first setting up the site?

Not that I recall. I’m downloading my backup now so I can see my old htaccess file to see what I’m missing. As far as the blank invoices…I have no idea. If I can’t correct it, I’ll just have to restore my backup and stay on the older version.

Thanks for mentioning the changes…that made me look at the backup file and I found the issue with the directory listing.

There was a mod_alias RedirectMatch in the original htaccess. I placed that back in and it works great. Still have the issue of the blank invoices. My guess is it’s a similar issue with a missing configuration…still looking.