Upgrade Linux to 22.04 LTS

I just wanted to ask before I upgraded.
I’m running Invoice Ninja V5 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and wanted to upgrade my server to 22.04 LTS.
I wanted to know if it would cause any problems with invoice ninja if I just upgraded by running the command do-release-upgrade


I created a snapshot of the VM to test it out.
So far working great.

Only issue I had was with snappdf. it just wouldn’t work.
after a little troubleshooting, I found that libasound2 was missing. so i just ran the command:
sudo apt-get install libasound2
and snappdf is working again.

Eitherway, is there anything else I should look out for, for the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS upgrade?


@david any thoughts?


The only other issue may be fonts, however unless you are using unicode variants, you should be fine.