Upgrade from v4.5.19 to 4.5.35 failed


Upgrade from v4.5.19 to 4.5.35 failed. I need to upgrade to the latest in order to use the migration tool for 5.

Is this a known issue?

Thank you


Is it possible you’re using PHP 7.4, you would need to change to 7.3 while using v4.

Hi Hillel.

Thank you for your reply.

No, it’s actually way older. PHP Version 7.0.27 Works well on 4.5.19.

Do you think this is the problem?


Thanks, upgrading to PHP 7.1 to 7.3 should resolve the error

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to avoid, as many other services rely on that PHP. Would not like to mess with that if possible.

How about a scenario to install 4.5.19 on a new server and do the upgrade > 4.5.35 > v5 there?

New Ubuntu 20.4 server has Php 7.4. I read version 4 has problems with Php 7.4?

What approach do you suggest?

Thank you

That should work but you wouldn’t be able to use PHP 7.4

So, how about this scenario

  1. I will make a temporary virtual machine running the Ubuntu 20.4 server.
  2. I will downgrade the PHP to 7.3
  3. Copy the mysql database
  4. install the 4.5.19
  5. upgrade to 4.5.35
  6. migration tools to 5
  7. Delete the temporary machine

Can I skip step 4. Is database for.19 and .35 identical?

Thank you

That should work, you need to upgrade to 4.5.35 for the migration to work.

Thank you

I wanted to ask if I can take 4.5.19 database and use it directly on the newly installed 4.5.35. Do both version use same database or was there any modification from .19 to .35.

Or do I need to install 4.5.19 on a new server, copy the database and later do upgrade to 4.5.35.

By the way. Do you keep the download of earlier versions somewhere?

Thank you

The databases should match.

You can use this link to download a specific version.