Upgrade failing again

Just ran the latest upgrade today

and it failed with the error message::

FormatException: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<', "<html>
<h"... is not valid JSON

Thoughts? :thinking:

Kind regards


What’s the PHP memory limit, it may help to increase it.

You can workaround this by manually copying over the latest zip.

Hi Hillel and thanks for your reply.

Currently we have given the system access to 764M memory. Do we need to raise it even further with this update?

Is that what you see in the health check dialog?

I don’t have to because I know we set in the server’s php.ini and so forth.
But you are also correct that you can see it there. :smiley:

Should we just try and hit “Force Upgrade” maybe?

Thanks for confirming!

It may help to increase the limit to 1024M, otherwise you’ll need to manually copy over the zip.

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You’re most welcome and thanks for your help. It is appreciated!

InvoiceNinja is getting more and more hungry for each update as it grows up from being a teenager. :joy:

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Interesting, that the dockerized instance still has a memory limit about 128M: