Upgrade button takes you to about:blank

Anyone else that can confirm if the “Upgrade to a paid plan to enable the advanced settings” takes you to a new tab with about:blank?

Chrome Mac Version 104.0.5112.101 (Official Build) (x86_64)


Do you mean the banner at the top of the screen in the advanced settings?

Does it work to click the upgrade option in the navigation sidebar?


Upgrade in the navigation sidebar takes me to “Account Management” after that i see a orange clickable banner with the text “Upgrade to a paid plan to enable the advanced settings”. Clicking the banner opens a new tab with about:blank

Upgrade button under reports also takes you to about:blank

What about the change plan button on Settings > Account Management?

It may be related to your specific account, it would be helpful if you could send an email to contact@invoiceninja.com