Updating from 5.1.53

i am updating from 5.1.53 with the button in Control Panel. I get update complete message. But then it still shows same version and offers to update.

It was migrated from v4. The v5 Installed from ZIP file.


@david any thoughts?

@Mindas First thing is to ensure all files and folders are owned by the webuser.

Yes @david I did chown -R www-data:www-data


Can you check if the .git folder still exists? if it does, you’ll need to remove this also.

No, but there are those:
.github .gitignore bootstrap phpunit.xml
.htaccess codecov.yml psalm.xml
.babelrc .php_cs composer.json public
.codacy.yml .prettierrc composer.lock resources
.editorconfig .travis.yml config routes
.env CHANGELOG.md cypress server.php
.env.ci LICENSE cypress.json storage
.env.dusk.example README.md database tailwind.config.js
.env.example VERSION.txt modules_statuses.json tests
.env.travis app package-lock.json vendor
.gitattributes artisan package.json webpack.mix.js

Any ideas?
What else I can do?

Can I create new instance of invoice ninja and import current data?

Okey I updated manually to latest.