Updates to the v5 UI/UX

We recently made some changes to the admin portal UI/UX and would love to know what you think.

In the previous version a record was always preselected in the table with the preview shown on the right side. Although it’s sometime useful to preview the record this restricted the table to half of the screen.

In the new version the table takes up the full width of the screen and you can then select a client as in v4. Once you select a client we now use the right side preview on the left side of the screen to show the current context.


Note: these changes will be included in the upcoming v5.3.18 release.

I feel the left hand side would be a good place to move the whole preview panel to, instead of using this slightly different panel that exists separately from it. Then with the preview panel disabled by default, and appearing on the left just like this panel is, when you click an item, would be good behavior. Then also you wouldn’t be automatically switched to another module when you select a client, project, or vendor to view, because that module switching behavior can be confusing and inconsistent since it doesn’t happen when viewing the other record types in their modules.

It’s a good move in the right direction though and I do like where it’s headed.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I’m not sure I understand, what do you mean by “whole preview panel”? The panels shown on the left/right are the same. It may be easier to chat on Slack.

100% agreed, there’s definitely still more adjustments needed. For example this change has made the search at the top of the screen much wider. We can use that space to split it in half to have the search as well as an easier to use status filter.

I understand what you mean about having the default single click action be to show the preview rather than redirect, that’s a good suggestion. I’ll work on it…

@TechnicallyComputers you were spot on. I’ve deployed a new build with your suggested change, I think it’s much better. Thanks again!

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Can’t wait to try it out

A nice byproduct of this change is that it frees up the long press action. Before we were using it to show the preview, now we can use it to start multiselect with the current row checked.

Note: this change will be in the next build.