Update v5.3.82 Error

Error when logging in on any account. Changed some values to XX for privacy.

Error :: ‘[currency_id, 1, payment_terms, XX, default_task_rate, XX, md5, 569362e986783…’ to ‘minified:vk’ failed due to: Deserializing ‘XX’ to ‘String’ failed due to: TypeError: XX: type ‘minified:a2w’ is not a subtype of type ‘String’

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Can you try running /update?secret=secret

If you cli access, run

php artisan migrate

I’m running into the same problem after updating from v5.3.81 to v5.3.82. CLI-Command and URL-call (/update?secret=secret) doesn’t change anything.

/storage/log doesn’t provide anything useful. Any other ideas?


can you run from the command link

php artisan ninja:type-check --all=true

That ran without showing any errors but I can login now. Thank you.