Update to version 5.8.58 fails with error message ⚠

Hello @david and @hillel
I hope you guys are having a nice day and are enjoying the summer times. :smiley:

We just attempted to update to latest version but it fails with a error message from your mirror server:

So something is wrong as Invoice Ninja seems to not being able to download the update package from your server…

Can you guys take a look at this when you have time available, please?

Thanks in advance.
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@david can you please advise?

@david we’ve had another report of this. It looks like v5.8.57 is the latest release listed on GitHub however in the v5-develop branch of the code the version is listed as v5.8.58.

Well so will there be a correction of this issue soon?

We use the normal auto update for this so nothing changed on our side. See the gif below for seeing the process/issue…

System check:

Kind regards

Any update on this issue yet?
Kind regards

I don’t believe the new release is available yet, I’m sure it will be ready within a few days.

Weird then that Invoice Ninja notifies of a new update when it is not really there… :upside_down_face: