Update invoice ninja to latest version

Hi good day, im installing invoiceninja v5 via softaculous.

And the latest version shown currently at the time of this post on my softaculous is version 5.1.42. But the version that i currently use is 5.1.31.

But theres no update button shown besides my current installation in softaculous. I wonder if the softaculous treated this as fully new installation instead of update to existing v5 installation.

If theres no way bypass this, can anyone provide me the guide how to update to the latest version, please take note that im using shared hosting with no access to any command console.


I’m not sure, I suggest reaching out directly to Softaculous to ask them.

Same issue but seems to be depending on hosting. Installed v5 via softaculous on two different hosting providers yesterday. Both providers had version 5.1.42 to install but one installed 5.1.31 the other 5.1.42. Will wait and see if update become available

After contacting my hosting support this morning, they have managed to get 5.1.42 to install, the issue now is the white label which was purchased (9/4/21) on 5.1.31 won’t remove the Ninja logo from the invoice.
I see it has been fixed on 5.1.43 but softaculous does not have that update. Anything i can do to fix this?