Update from 4.5.49 to 4.5.50

Hello my invoiceninja shows me an update to version 4.5.50. where and how can i do this?

However, I do NOT want to update to version 5 because I prefer version 4 and everything works so far. Thank you!


The docs to update v4 are here:


Note: PHP 7.4 reaches end of life in November


is it possible to update from 4.5.49 to the new version 5 without losing data?
I’ve tried it before, but I always get the error 500 and nothing happens.


If you can share details about the 500 error we can try to help.

You’d want to first upgrade to the latest v4/v5 and then re-migrate.

Hello. I’ve already tried to update to the “new” version 4.5.50, unfortunately that doesn’t work either.
At that time I loaded the installation of gitHub and then integrated it into an NGINX. It works great and I’m super happy with it. but I can’t get an update to version 4.5.50.

then do I have to update to version 5? Right ??


To update to v4.5.50 you may want to setup a clean install of the latest v4 app and then copy over the database and .env file.

Once v4 is running the latest version you’ll want to setup v5 as a separate app and use the migration tool to transfer the data/settings.

okay i have now migrate to 4.5.50.
have make a new install and copy my .env file at the new directory. now is running the version 4.5.50

Is it correct that I now have to do a new installation of invoiceninja, then integrate it again into Nginx and then copy the data from folder v4 to folder v5???
That means then but also that I need a new DB?

Is there a function for this under settings/migrate?
I thought that I only have to enter everything there and then version 4 will be overwritten with version 5.

To upgrade from v4 you need to install v5 as a separate app and then use the migration tool in the latest version of v4 on Settings > Account Management.

okay. thx for your help