Update failure: FormatException

Hi @hillel
Do you have any idea what this update error is related to? :thinking:

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It may help to increase the server’s PHP memory limit.

Hi Hillel and thanks for your reply.
Its already set to 1024 M Do Invoice Ninja require even more now?

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Do you see that amount in the health check dialog?

@david any thoughts?

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Sorry I just double checked on the server itself. It was set to 512M But even that is quite a lot right?

So I think the root causing of this is a timeout issue between the front end and the back end.

The format exception means that HTML is being returned by the server when it gets a 501/502 for gateway timeout.

In the background the upgrade is still working, so typically after you refresh, the app magically starts working again.

We may see this type of error when we update the base system packages, as there are a lot more files to download and copy over.

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Yes, you are right. I was surprised to see that the actual upgrade was done anway. I did raise the memory though and when I went back to check to see the upgrade available it said we were running latest version.
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How long should I wait before reloading the page? I’m getting this error trying to upgrade 5.4.11 to 5.5.49. What’s odd though is I don’t see release notes for 5.5.49, only 5.5.44.

If it helps I’m on shared hosting (godaddy) and the app was originally installed using Installatron.


5.4 => 5.5 is a big upgrade. It also requires PHP 8.1

You may need to check the logs for a specific error in storage/logs/laravel.log

To be honest, I am surprised you have been able to get the application working on GoDaddy. From all the feedback we have had, this particular platform was very troublesome.

Other than an .htaccess file that had a deny all on it (present in both the download from here and the instalatron version) blocking access to my uploaded logo, it’s worked fine.

Looked in that log and don’t see anything. No errors, just currency and auto billing updates daily. Anywhere else I can look?

I did notice the updated version was downloaded to public/storage/app but as I’m on 7.4 still (couple apps I need that aren’t updated for 8.1 yet by the dev) I may be stuck on 5.4 for a bit till then.