Unwanted labels on PDF invoices


There are some weird and wrong labels appearing on PDFs in French. This is a screenshot:


“Solde partiel” appears twice, which is wrong in itself, but from the translations, it should be “payé à ce jour”, and as it is, it makes no sense. From what I understand, this label should simply not exist, it is not in the list of labels in the invoice.

I also changed “Coût unitaire” in localization, but it still appears unchanged on the final invoice.

Do you know where I could try and fix this?


Thanks for reporting this!

@ben any thoughts?

Hey there, thanks for reporting this. Are you able to replicate this on https://demo.invoiceninja.com? That’d be awesome. I cannot replicate this locally.

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thanks - I am going to try now :slight_smile:

@ben I should add that my setup is 3 groups under 1 company to reflect my company branding, as discussed in the other post quoted below.

But I guess that company settings should not affect how each group behaves (it is only name / logo /color customization for each group).

@ben yes I can replicate on the demo site:

However, the English version helped me understand the difference between “Partial Due” and “Paid to Date”. I wanted “Paid to Date”, but for this I have to enter a payment, which I had not done.

However, 2 issues still remain:

  1. “Partial due” still appears twice on the invoice
  2. Partial due is not listed in customizable labels

Hi There, I have made a change to the app, the partial_due duplicated is now fixed.

@hillel can you advise point 2?

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Sure, I’ll add in the next release

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@hillel @ben thanks a lot (again) for your help and explanations :slight_smile:
InvoiceNinja is awesome

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