"Unknown Bank" when entering routing number

My customers are getting this error when they attempt to pay me ACH when they enter their routing number. I have also tested and it is saying the same for my bank. My customer says she uses Chase, so I wouldn’t imagine that would be an unknown bank routing number.


Most likely the routing number is missing from the lookup file we’re using.

Upgrading to v5 may help with this.

Thanks @hillel. I haven’t read documentation on upgrading to v5. Will everything migrate automatically when I upgrade? Will my zapier integrations function normally?

The option to migrate is on Settings > Account Management.

We’ve created a new v5 version of Zapier, to use it you need to click accept on this page and then search for the v5.0.x version. The Zapier integration is basically the same, we’ve just added a few additional options/features.


This turned out to be I hadn’t accepted the terms for ACH within Stripe. I couldn’t see an error code, but once I changed to v5 I had a customer send me the error code when attempting to add a bank account and it gave the error that I had not accepted terms

Thanks for sharing the solution!